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Brother and Sister in Christ Yeshua, I’m Glad to Know That you are browsing in This Website.
This Portal Give you access to many Sermon preach by Great Pastor, Preacher or Teacher well know in United State and in the World.

Yes, You may Think that, These preachers are false teachers,  Servant of the devil,  Love to teach about Money and nothing else, perhaps Servant of Prosperity Gospel, focus on Men instead of God… Maybe … Maybe Not !!!

We see many talk, speech, comment on The Internet about this, we can ask ourselves why many so call Christian are please to talk Wrong when it’s about Servant Of God. The True is that many So call Christian are truly not Christian, Yes !!! You read it!

I am not please to talk like that about Servant of God, I was not there when God Call them, but I will be there When We will be all Judge by our Savior to receive our reward. So be also you. We will be all judge for our action and work in this world, don’t forget that. The Judgment That Yeshua Will Give us will be Right and Just.

God using man to talk to the Body of Christ, we must know that no one is perfect. Some preacher can talk by their own thought sometimes, we the do not suppose that all these words could be the fundamental true. As, The Word of God teach us, we have the Holy Spirit the best trainer and teacher for our life, we must so meditate day after day the Word of God with His help. And find the True Word Of Yeshua In our own Bible and daily meditation. As follower of Christ, we must learn to focus on the Word only and not on the servant who bring this word.

What we must know is, many of these sermons can give faith, and true Faith in Yeshua not in this world and in the devil.

The Most important thing you must do is to try all scripture coming out from a men, accept the True and simply reject the wrong word.

Yeshua Call me by my name, so He know me like I know Him personally.
So you my fellow, look to get a true Relationship with your God throughout these words.

My Sheep hear My Voice, Says the Lord. I hope you will find in it restoration and faith …

Don’t forget that the true Gospel of Yeshua Give us first, Salvation and after Forgiveness, Freedom, Restoration, Blessing and Many things that we cannot even imagine. And these teachings bring all of That.

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If You desire to contact Me, feel free to do so. I will  read your message and respond to you as soon as I can do it, like our God like to respond to Its people.

Many have asking me how to support this Website. Let me inform you my brother and sister, as I do not own any of these Free sermons I am posting, I cannot Claim any copyright on these and ask to you money as you are viewing these Videos. The Word of Yeshua, the One, is free and cannot be sold. But I Will encourage you to donate and support any of these Ministries your are seeing, so the Gospel of Yeshua can be spread with power.

Some Ministry have even asking me to delete their video on this Website, because of the Copyright. Yes, You must know that some ministry like to sold the Word of God too. It’s sad, I will never judge them, God only will deal with them for this.

If you are a minister of Yeshua, The One, and want to share your Video in this Website, you are free to contact me. I will ask you no money for that, and your video will be share.

If you want to contribute to share great teaching, you are free to contact me also, we can so see how to work together and make this site growing.

I am emphasizing that, No money will be ask to no one of you for this work, only Yeshua will take care to support its work

For those that want to really bless me for that, I will ask you to pray for me. If you want to bless me otherwise, feel free to contact me


Be Yeshua Bless your Soul with its deeper love.




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