How To Record Your Daily Event

Dear Brother and Minister of God

We do have received many requests from small Congregation to have their video sharing of our Website.

As you must know, we focus on sharing the Word, the Gospel and the Teaching on our Lord, so the Body of Christ could grow in simplicity and unity. This is our goal.

Sometimes, we refuse to share the video if, after having seen them, some teaching doesn’t fit with the message of Grace of our Savior or if the teachings focus more on man instead of Yeshua, preventing the Body to grow.

But in most case, we do not have shared the video because the quality of it was too bad and the audio was not good and can also be painful to focus on it for more than 15 minutes.

The Sorry we have, is, smaller congregation have The True Word of Yeshua in them, but cannot afford the price to record event like the major big Church in the United State. They do not have enough money to invest in System that can record their Sermon.

But, many do not know that it cost not so much to create its own Media Service like their thought, yes.

You are not obligate to spend 30,000 USD or more to have a complete set of professional recording, not, is not mandatory.

With 3,000 to 6,000 USD dollar, each congregation can have is set of recording enough to share The Word Of Yeshua to the nation.

In this page, we will show you how you can do this.


1) The video Camera

Yes, the Video Camera is the most expansive when you think to have your set. It’s up to your Congregation to choose, having the help of someone that can clarify your need without asking you to spend more.The first issue you can have is to find the good video camera to use in your service.

Consumer Video Camera

If your congregation is small like a square of 100 by 100 feet  or a rectangle of 100 feet by 80 by example , you don’t need to spend in professional video camera to record your event.

Even a Consumer Video Camera could do the Job if you have a very good lighting. (But we do not recommend this kind of Video camera, only if you can have one that have High Quality Video capture)

The Minimum is to have 2 Videos Cameras; the must is 3 Videos Cameras.

Analogic or Digital output for the video doesn’t matter in some cases.

In the market you can find for 500 USD Video Camera that can fit.

Semi-Pro Video Camera
Semi-Pro Video Camera

If your church is sizing more than these record I wrote, you do need a semi professional camera to do a good Job.

You must spend around 2,000 to 3,000 for new branding camera, but you can buy also very good second hand Professional Video camera for 1,000 USD in some good auction website like ebay with chance, you can get even second hand of professional Video Camera. The purpose is to have the most accurate quality of video capture. For Info, most Studio or Channel are migrate their equipment to High Definition System and you can easily find second hand of their old professional set in the market and with good price.


2) The Video Mixer

Today, is not very important to buy and Numeric or analogic Video Mixer, you will spend more than 8,000 USD for a professional Set.

The advice we can give to you is to build a Computer that have the capacity to manage and mix all your Video, yes, today is possible.

Be advice that a personal build computer fit most than a branding name computer.

We will ask you then to contact a personal builder Computer in your Area to build to you a Computer having this kind of component. This is the very good minimum you can have to beginning.

  • A motherboard with 3 Pci-e 1X available
  • An add on Video Card (Doesn’t matter the model but very very necessary)
  • An Hard Disk of 1 terabyt to begin, you can set in it 2 or more in SSD format for up the velocity
  • 8 Gb of Memory (16 Gb is the Best)
  • A DVD burner (And an external DVD Burner set)
  • Windows Seven Home or professional 64 bit or Windows 8 Professional
  • A case with 700 Watt of PSU
  • Two  monitors with 23 Inch of Size
  • A Cpu with a minimum of 4 Core (6 Core is the Best choice)

According to this list, An AMD Desktop with AMD FX8350, Nvidia Card GT630, without the price of the Operating system can cost 1000 USD on (You ca contact us for a complete list) and an Intel Desktop can cost 1.200 USD, all with one monitor


3) To make the Capture

AverMedia Capture Card
Black magic Video capture card

You must buy 3 Video Capture Card like the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro or 3 Avermedia HD capture Card
It will Cost you 600 USD for 3 Black Magic or  300 USD for 3 Avermedia, depending of your choice.

These Card are recommended because they are compatible with the major Video mixer software



4) The Software

You need Software that can Video mix your feed.

We will recommend you to use the Software vMix from , buying a license for HD capture, if you need to use HD Video or SD capture for standard definition. Some other Software are available, but our choice on this software is Simple : Easy to use, don’t give Cpu overload when you fully use and stress it.

The HD licence will cost you 320 USD and the SD license 140 USD (We recommend an HD licence to avoid the cost of future migration from SD to HD), But sometimes, the SD licence is the more used because it’s not necessary to do HD video if you have the intention so create standard DVD format or publish your record on the Internet.


5) An Audio mixer to bypass the audio to your computer and manage it so you can avoid saturation in some case. The Cost is around 40 to 60 USD depending of the model

Behringer Pro 800 Audio mixer

6) Someone that can manage the system for you and 3 peoples to manage the Video Camera (according to the number of feed you have)


7)  To Publish on Internet on Youtube or website Like Vimeo, we will advice this video setting

Standard Quality :

Video Size 640 x 360 Pixel
Compression 2,000 Kbps
Audio : 160/320 Kbp

High Quality

Video Size 1280 x 720 Pixel
Compression 4,000 to 5000 Kbps
Audio : 320 Kbp

When you will create your set, you will be able to record your event with Quality to share on Internet or create your Media service to share DVD or Sold them. You will have then a Semi professional Video production for your Church.

Without the Video Camera cost, you need almost around 1,600 USD to build your set, 320 USD for the Mixer Software  licence and 140 USD for Windows Seven Pro or Windows 8 Pro.

If you have question about, or advice and recommendation do not hesitate to contact us at

Be Bless In Yeshua’s Name


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