Food For Thought | Cover to Cover | Sermon By Pastor Ed Young

What do you do when you are in a Lion’s Den? Because lions are everywhere — they’re prowling around, ready to pounce on our God-given purpose so that we cave in to compromise. So how do we gain the courage to stand firm in our faith?

In this sermon, Pastor Ed Young teaches from the book of Daniel. A man of great resolve, we can learn a lot from Daniel’s refusal to compromise his beliefs and courage to stand firm. He was no superhero; he had no special powers — he was human just like us. His confidence in the face of potential execution came from keeping God first. We, too, can have the same courage if we fix our focus on Christ. As we stand for what we believe within our cultural climate, we’ll exit the lion’s den unscathed and be blessed in unbelievable ways.

Sermon Points:
0:00 – Endangered Species List
4:03 – What Is Courage?
4:21 – True Courage Begins & Ends With God (Daniel 1 verse 8)
6:35 – The Story Of Daniel
8:15 – Where Did Daniel’s Courage Come From?
10:10 – Forks Over Knifes
10:56 – It Takes Courage To Become A Christian
12:25 – Isolation vs. Insulation
13:36 – Courage Distinguishes You From The Pack
16:29 – Hilarious Darius (Daniel 6 verses 3-4)
19:18 – The Palace Plotters
20:20 – The Lion’s Den
22:43 – Daniel & Jesus (Daniel 6 verse 17)


Pastor Ed Young is the senior pastor of Fellowship Church based in the DFW Metroplex, he is also an, author, and conference speaker noted for his creative communication style.

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