God’s Condition for Blessing


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Romans 12:1-2

If people were really honest, many would say their Christianity barely resembles the faith experience God has promised. They struggle repeatedly with the same sins, complain that God rarely answers prayers, and wonder why He hasn’t given them the desires of their heart. However, most believers never stop to ask, Why doesn’t God favor me?

The answer to that question can revolutionize our life if we are willing to meet God’s one condition for full blessing. We are designed with a capacity to experience the Lord’s best in every area of life, but for that to happen, we must offer ourselves as living sacrifices. In other words, we are to be separated from the world and given to God for His purposes.

Don’t be fooled by cultural views on servants. God doesn’t call the weak into bondage to the strong. In fact, believers are the freest people in the world because we can trust our Father to give us the very best in return for our commitment. His best may not always look appealing from the outset, but experience teaches us that He orchestrates all circumstances to our benefit (Rom. 8:28).

We can never be satisfied with less than the Lord’s best. Avoiding submission will result in wasted years of chasing after His blessing through our own cunning. On the other hand, our hearts are saturated with joy and peace when we draw close to Him. The best way to connect with God is to willingly put ourselves in His hand. Allow Him to reveal what great blessings He can send via your surrendered will.