Good Man or God?


Read | John 5:16-29

Jesus has been a subject of contention throughout human history. Even today opinions about Him vary widely. One common belief about Him, however, is that He was a good man—but not God. Those who hold this view usually appreciate some of His teachings, but they are obviously not familiar with His claims.

The religious leaders who came face to face with Christ would never have called Him a good man. In their eyes, anyone who claimed to be God was a liar and imposter. Just look at some of His amazing statements from John 5:

• Jesus referred to God as His Father, making Himself equal with God (v. 18).
• He declared that He did the same works as the Father (v. 19).
• Christ said He would raise the dead to life with just His voice (v. 28-29).
• He claimed that the Father had given Him all authority to judge (v. 22).
• Jesus demanded equal honor with God (v. 23).
• He promised to give eternal life to those who believe in Him (v. 24).

A “good” man wouldn’t make these statements unless they were true. If Jesus were just a man, His death on the cross would be of no benefit to anyone. But if His claims to be God’s Son are true, your salvation depends upon believing in Him.

Anyone who is serious about finding out who Jesus is must consider His claims. It’s a matter of eternal life or death. No one who denies His deity will enter heaven, because He is the only way to the Father (14:6) Now is the time to believe—not when you stand before Him at the judgment.