Humility Leads to Blessing

Dr. Charles Stanley

ExostlanleyRead | Luke 14:7-11

The Lord promises to exalt believers who live humbly, but we often look at our circumstances—job situation, finances, or lack of material things—and question whether He’s coming through on this pledge. However, it’s important to view things from His perspective rather than the world’s. While God may choose to give us material blessings, such benefits are hardly comparable to the greater rewards He longs to bestow, like a deeper understanding of who He is, or prayers answered beyond all imagination.

Certain attitudes prevent our receiving the Father’s intended blessings:

  • Impatience. We want it now and are unwilling to trust that God is in control.
  • Insecurity. We feel that if certain things don’t happen, we simply cannot continue.
  • Identity in the wrong things. We feel good about ourselves only if we are a success by societal standards.
  • Ignorance of the Word. We decide for ourselves what is right.
  • Impure motives. Discontent or jealousy causes us to push ahead of God and use manipulation to get our way.
  • Impulsiveness. Without asking God, we assume every seeming opportunity is a door He has opened.
  • Ingratitude. Lack of thankfulness for what He’s given skews our perspective.

Notice these obstacles all start with “I”! Humility doesn’t come naturally. It requires deliberate, ongoing effort to remain in God’s presence so we can see how worthy He is of our total submission. Begin by “bowing” your heart before the Lord and surrendering everything. Then wait patiently for His promised blessing.