Bishop TD Jakes

2829Regardless of the assignment on your life, your career, or the other circumstances you are currently experiencing, the root of your walk with God must be your FAITH. It is the anchor that holds you fast against the storms of life and propels you into God’s purpose and blessings for you. In this timely series, Bishop T.D. Jakes highlights the necessity of living by faith while expounding upon its various facets each believer must appropriate and practice.

“Jesus said that nothing would be impossible for you. If you believe that word, your entire life would become so exciting!” –Bishop T.D. Jakes

In what areas should you Work Your Faith? How does one start the Discipline of Doing? What exactly is Mustard Seed Faith? Are there examples of aDemonstration of Faith? All these questions, and more, are addressed in this eye-opening series you must include in your inspirational media library. Add it today, and begin experiencing the blessed and free life God has for you when you begin working your faith!