Success and Money (2)


Read | Luke 12:13-21

There is a prevailing deception today, one so powerful it makes people risk their families, their health, and their integrity. The deception is that success is defined by our material wealth. Many of us decide we are a failure without it. And with it, we somehow believe we are automatically successful. To uncover the truth, we need only ask ourselves, What is the Lord’s view of us?

God sees that some of us have an idolatrous attitude toward riches. Life revolves around the topic of money—getting it, keeping it, having enough of it, and bemoaning our lack of it. A godly view of wealth sees money as a medium of exchange given by God so we may provide for others and meet our basic needs. Riches are not to be worshiped; only God is.

The Lord warns us about our attitude toward treasure (Matt. 6:24). The pursuit of wealth can set us adrift from Him or choke off the power of Scripture in our lives. It can even enslave us as we try to gain financial security. The Lord states that He—and not the pursuit of riches—is to be the center of our lives; our security is to be found in Him alone. We are urged to take steps to protect ourselves against the temptations that come with desiring or having treasure.

None of us are immune from the lure to pursue wealth or the temptation to define ourselves as successful when we have it. Pray that God will reveal your attitude toward money and success. Then confess any ungodliness. He can use our money for the good of His kingdom if we surrender all we have to Him.