The Choice We Make


exhoyeshua1Often we do not realize what the Lord has placed in us that he did not put in plants or even in the animals. Animals live by instinct. The instinct is defined as a behavior, a tendency, a programmed physiological mechanism.

God in His omnipotence programmed their ways of livings. It is in their gene. It is normal to have a baby lion in his house, teaching him to behave like a pet, but when it will be released into the wild, it will behave exactly like their fellows without nobody shows him to do that, because it is in his genes.

Man does not live by instinct, but by the choices he makes every day. These choices can be good or bad. These choices can bring him to success and even to failure.

But before making a choice, we will always face an event or circumstance.

You cannot make a choice about the past but for the present and the future.

The most important is the choice you are taking now, because this choice will always have an impact on your future and even to the next generation.

This was the case with Adam (Genesis 3), their choice had an impact that condemned an entire generation of man, as the choice of Jesus has the potential to save all generation of men.

From the time of Its sacrifice until now, a choice was given to man, by God, To accept Him and be saved forever, or to reject Him and be condemned forever. (John 3.16)

Our life will be always summarizing with choices, good or bad. The most important is to take the right decisions. To take a good decision with a positive impact in the future does not require a degree, but one thing, Wisdom.

But where is wisdom: “Ask God”. But what is God’s response: “Read my word”.

Yes, God has already given us the source of all wisdom which allows us to take the right decisions :  His Word.


God Bless You