Time for Success

Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Ephesians 5:15-17

For Christ-followers, succeeding in God’s eyes is the only kind of achievement that matters. Sometimes, however, success seems to elude us. When it does, examining what we are thinking and how we’re spending our time can help us move forward. There’s a relationship between spiritual success and the way we use our time. To become the person God wants each of us to be and to achieve the tasks He’s given us to do, we must manage our time carefully.

Time is a gift God has given us, and we’re accountable to Him for the way we spend it. We need to recognize that time is not ours to fill as we choose, but rather, it’s a trust from the Lord to be utilized in ways that fulfill His plan. Reviewing our schedule regularly will help ensure that we invest this precious resource His way.

Take a moment right now to review your calendar for the rest of this week, and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does this schedule reveal a wise use of my time, according to God’s principles?

2. Where will I end up if I continue to invest my time in the same activities I’m currently involved in? Will it be where God wants me to be?

3. What will I be accomplishing for the kingdom of God if I continue to use my time in this way?

4. Does the way I spend my time help me move closer to achieving the Lord’s goal for me—namely, ongoing personal transformation into Christlikeness?

Respond to what the Holy Spirit reveals about your schedule, so that you may make wise use of your days. Remember that God wants you to succeed.