Times of Temptation


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | 1 Corinthians 10:6-13

ExostlanleyScripture teaches that at times we’ll all be tempted to act in ways contrary to God’s commands. Our circumstances are not unique to us; others have faced similar situations. Yesterday, we learned an acrostic to help us resist enticement: we can put a “halt” to letting ourselves be too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. That is, we are wise to eat regularly, experience the peace God offers, stay in fellowship with others, and get enough rest.

But where does the urge to sin come from? Sources of temptation can be the world we live in, the Devil, or something within ourselves. The world wants us to join in on its sensual, selfish pursuits. Satan wants to turn us away from God. And our self-focused “flesh” nature wants us to be in control, not the Lord.

Does God ever tempt us? No, according to James 1:13. Our Father doesn’t want us to do evil; He will, however, test us to reveal to you and me our motives and attitudes. He also uses times of testing to mature us and transform us into Christ’s likeness. His work is always for our good.

Remember, it is not sinful to experience temptation. Feeling tempted is not the same as committing a sin. Jesus Himself was tempted by the Devil at a time of great weariness and physical need, after spending 40 days in the desert without food. Do not judge yourself harshly when you feel enticed toward ungodliness. Only when we act upon the enticement do we cross the line into sin.

The Lord knows exactly how to rescue every one of us from the temptations that we encounter. The question is, How good are you at responding to His direction?