What does it mean to be “Woke?” | A Biblical Perspective | Ed Young

When you look up the meaning of “Woke” on the internet, the definition is: “being alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” But what does the Bible say? In this sermon, Pastor Ed Young brings a biblical perspective to this controversial topic.

There is so much confusion regarding what it means to be “woke.” Some of us would say, “I’m not woke,” others would say, “I’m pseudo woke,” and some of us would consider ourselves “woke.” So how do we find out the true meaning of “woke”?

Pastor Ed helps us define the “woke” worldview by looking at its values: racial justice, critical race theory, social justice, systemic racism, gender identity, and sexuality, as well as its foundations rooted in the teachings of Karl Marx (Marxism/Communism), Friedrich Nietzsche (Critical Theory), and Sigmund Freud (Post Modernism).

Pastor Ed shows us the contradictions of the “woke” worldview and challenges us to adopt a Christian worldview founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.