Woman Evolve Podcast SZN 6: Ep 2 Hosted by Sarah Jakes Roberts


Season 6, Episode 2

Sarah Jakes Roberts

Woman Evolve Podcast

Title: Are You Present?

Not only is the Delegation rescuing folks (or not), SJR had us out here finding a word viral video after viral video, including women proposing the men (chhiiillleee). W.E. gave big ups to Snoop for keeping the same energy with his apology to Gayle King. SJR discussed how anxious feelings make her reconnect with what she has the ability to control.

Sis, SJR is the plug on therapy (BetterHelp.com/Evolve), weight loss (Noom.com/evolve), and small business shipping options (Shipstation.com, with code: Evolve).