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Dr. R.A. Vernon | The Word Church
From family to friends, and all of the above, God is invested in our relationships! He, himself, is a relational God! Dr. Vernon breaks down how to be intentional in moving different with our relationships!


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0:00:00 Old School Hymn
0:04:25 Praise break
0:11:04 2 Corinthian 6 verse 14 (GW)
0:11:28 Intro
0:13:33 God is a relational God
0:15:22 the Bible is a relational book
0:16:48 Life is a relational reality
0:19:14 Family relationships
0:20:27 Mark 3 verses 31-34 (GW)
0:24:55 Blood is thicker than water
0:25:25 John 7 verse 5 (GW)
0:27:04 Blood is thicker than water meaning
0:28:03 Galatians 6 verse 10 (NLT)
0:28:57 Everybody get’s an “A” until their grade drops
0:33:53 I move different with committed believers
0:34:20 2 Corinthian 6 verse 14-15 (GW)
0:35:58 We move different
0:37:00 Ralph’s story
0:39:48 Sensitive spirit
0:40:16 Be careful when your comfortable in abnormal
0:41:22 I’m embarrassed if you can’t see it
0:43:20 The most important thing in is your relationship with Jesus
0:43:51 You vertical relationship with God should impact your horizontal relationship others
0:45:19 When your relationship is off, your thorn will reoccur
0:46:38 Watch analogy
0:48:03 The primary reason for our creation
0:49:30 Shameless plug
0:52:22 Join Now!

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Dr. R. A. Vernon and The Word Church
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