The King is Coming – Bishop T.D. Jakes | The Pacemaker Series


Synchronizing your pace with the cadence of God necessitates capacious strides. These steps will fail to make sense to mortal eyes, nor is it supposed to. The intention is to bring forth His Glory, no matter the cost. You must break traditions to receive His miracle. God is performing a spiritual transplant to make you extraordinary! So, you must tarry in His purpose. Go where God is, not where He was. The Glory has departed there and His power has vanished. He longs to use you, but you must journey forward. Regardless of your past, God’s resolve is to exercise the purpose emplaced in you to shift the trajectory of the world.

Message: “The King is Coming”
Scripture: Acts 15:13-18 & 2 Samuel 6:14-23 NIV
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Service Date: January 20, 2019

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Everything in nature, from blue jays singing intricate melodies, to sunsets radiating opalescent rays, is synchronized with God’s pace. If He communicates His divine pace with all of nature to mirror (Psalm 150:6 NIV), wouldn’t He expect you to do the same?

In this sermon series, The Pacemaker, Bishop T.D. Jakes astutely illustrates what it takes to cultivate a symbiotic cadence with God. When you unearth how to synchronize your steps in tandem with God’s strides, you begin to tap into a divine velocity to bring forth His Glory in all areas of your life!

Whether you’re just learning to walk with God, or you’ve walked with Him for a while, The Pacemaker Series will uncover how to synchronize your rhythm with God. Watch The Pacemaker Series today via the T.D. Jakes Ministries YouTube Channel!

The Pacemaker Series includes these revelatory messages:

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