TOURÉ ROBERTS | How to move FWD and WIN


It can be hard to recognize that we have successfully broken a cycle when we still feel the same, and when everything we see tells us a story of lack, it’s difficult to believe that there could be abundance assigned to our name. But here are the facts: we have NO LACK, and we are called to THRIVE!!!

27 year old Darnell grew up in South Central, LA. Being on probation from the age of 10 until 12th grade, family and friends saw Darnell as a hopeless case. And with many of his friends being murdered at a young age, Darnell wasn’t always sure if he would ever make it out.

Today, Darnell’s mom is 20 years sober and he’s a successful photographer, capturing images throughout the Los Angeles area. Even with the drastic change of pace, Darnell still wrestles with survivor’s remorse and battles a negative inner narrative. Having found great success in his craft and entrepreneurial ventures, Darnell finds himself feeling unworthy of the hopeful and abundant reality he never thought was possible.

In a timely conversation that will reshape how you see yourself and the world around you, Darnell and I bond over making it out, surviving, battling feeling of unworthiness, and the journey of switching from a deficit mentality to one of abundance.

There is abundance assigned to YOUR name, and the tools in Balance will guide you to it!

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