Advancing Through Adversity


Read | Job 5:7-11

Exostlanley“Why is this happening to me?” When we are bewildered by life, we cry out to anyone who will listen, “What is the point of trials?” Our thoughts become confused, our emotions chaotic, and our steps slowed. Scripture answers these questions. In response to “Why,” it tells us that we live in a fallen world filled with sinful people, that even the redeemed struggle with sin, and that Satan—the “ruler of this world”—has great influence here. No wonder why trials happen!

But there is something else that we are wise to consider—namely, what is God’s purpose in our adversity? It could be that He desires to get our attention because we have ignored His other signals. Or it could be to keep our attention on Him. When the Israelites lived in the desert, it must have seemed a great trial to have no food left at the end of each day. But God knew that if He provided more than one day’s supply at a time, the people would stop looking to Him. This “trial” kept their attention on their Provider.

Adversity can also be a tool to remind us of God’s great love for us. We can become so used to His love that we don’t appreciate it until we hit a bump. What’s more, hardships can help us to know the Lord in a deeper way. To experience Him as our comfort requires that there be a need for comfort. Or perhaps He wants to lead us into self-examination. We tend to ignore our wanderings from God’s ways. When halted by an obstacle, we have time to discover the wrong turns we’ve made.

Whatever the reason for your trial, know that God has purpose in adversity and that He has allowed it for your good (Rom. 8:28).