Our Basic Needs


Read | Psalm 107:9

Every individual is a beautiful and unique creation, complete with needs and desires that are specific to his or her own life. There are, however, a few necessities we call universal. They are things all people need in their lives:

1. Sense of Belonging. Everyone yearns to “fit in” somewhere. The joy you feel when surrounded by intimate friends and family stands as a powerful testament to this truth. The discomfort associated with moving to a job or home where no one knows you also reveals how powerful this need is in our lives.

2. Sense of Worth. It is critical for all of us to be able to say, “I matter.” Yet, many people are not convinced this is true. They are overcome by a horribly disfigured self-image that is stealing the joy of the Lord from their lives.

3. Sense of Competence. We need to know for certain that we can accomplish the tasks God puts before us. A lack of confidence in His power and provision in our lives can be devastating.

God responded to every one of these needs at the cross. We belong because our heavenly Father called us into His holy family. We have worth because Jesus paid such a great price for our salvation. We are competent because God has sent His Holy Spirit to indwell and empower us.

A breakdown in even one of these areas will have a negative impact on your spiritual growth. Are you struggling with regard to any of them? Lay your needs before the Lord today, and trust Him to make you the complete person He designed you to be.