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Medina Pullings

Medina_2_HoldDr. Medina Pulling is an international conference speaker, Pastor, preacher, wife, mother, mentor, entrepreneur, television host, fashion designer, song-writer and teacher whose life is reaching many around the world.

Having matriculated at John Jay College, Bethel Bible Institute, and F.I. Christian University obtaining a Bachelors in Christian Education, Masters in Biblical Counseling, a Doctorate in Ministry and a Doctorate of Divinity; Dr. Medina is not only a voice to the kingdom of God, but a voice to the socioeconomic systems of the world.

Dr. Medina along with her husband, Bishop Pullings are the co-founders of United Nations Church International; one church in multiple locations. Most recently Dr. Medina accepted her God given mandate as Senior Pastor of United Nations Church of Richmond, VA and shares the co-pastorate of United Nations Church of Charlotte, NC. Included in this sphere of influence as a national voice is the international television broadcast “Faith Charge Now”; appearances as a frequent host on TBN’s Praise the Lord program, and as a guest on multiple christian television networks such as Daystar, The Church Channel, & The Word Network. Her impact on the kingdom of God has favored her to grace the cover of Gospel Today Magazine, Epitome Magazine, and Ladies First Magazine.

As the CEO of Medina Pullings Ministries and frequently affectionately referred to as “Jesus Girl”, she has established such ministries as The Princess club; an organization focused on mentoring young girls. The epitome of maximized potential she has reproduced her grace, poise, and style as a fashion designer into the “Jesus Girl clothing line & accessories”, and opened the successful “Style & Grace Boutique”.

Dr. Medina’s many philanthropic sacrifices has found her being awarded by the FDIC, and again as a progenitor, co-founding the Youth Empowerment Zone in Charlotte, NC

She and her husband Bishop Pullings share the joy of parenting five children; Orrin Jr., Elijah, James, Zaccheus, and Medina; and a myriad of spiritual sons and daughters across the world.