Condemned No More


Dr. Charles Stanley

ExostlanleyRead | Romans 8:33-39

Every person is born under condemnation. Because of Adam and Eve’s rebellious decisions in the garden of Eden, each person born since then has come into the world with an inherent sin nature. Consequently, everyone needs a Savior, and God has graciously and lovingly provided one in His Son Jesus Christ. Those who reject Him remain under condemnation. Their guilty verdict has not been overturned, so they owe the penalty for violating God’s laws.

Perhaps this seems unfair to you. It is important to remember that God has always facilitated our unfettered communion with Him, even though He alone is perfectly holy and righteous. The reason He created Adam and Eve with free will is that He didn’t want us to be robots—He wanted to enjoy real love and fellowship with His children.

But those first human beings fell because they made poor decisions, as any of us would have. How wonderful that God offered to restore our relationship with Him through Christ’s atoning sacrifice for our sins. He is the Creator, so we truly have no right to question His plan. And yet the Lord has been magnanimous and amazingly loving throughout history. We deserve nothing, but He’s given us everything—including access to Him at any time.

Instead of condemnation, eternal security is ours once we place trust in Jesus as Savior. Praise God! We’ve been liberated from the penalty of our sin and are free to live forever in Christ’s nurturing and instructive grace.