Confidence to Face the Unknown


Read | Hebrews 11:23-29

ExostlanleyThe phrase “by faith” occurs five times in today’s short Scripture reading from Hebrews. In fact, it appears in every full sentence. Essentially, we are told that by faith Moses endured ill treatment, left Egypt, observed the Passover, and passed through the Red Sea.

Why are the words “by faith” so critical to this story? The reason is that Moses’ faith allowed him to join a long list of biblical heroes who were called to move forward into impossible situations, armed only with their trust in God.

Of course, at times these great men and women—Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, David, and many others—must have been filled with reservation and even fear. Yet by choosing to place their lives in God’s hands and to follow His call, each of them was able to accomplish great and mighty things in the name of the Lord.

The path through life can be dark and confusing; it can be difficult and at times unsettling to move forward with the lantern of God’s guidance shining only a step or two ahead of us. We want to know more, we want to see what lies ahead, and we want a guarantee of success.

Our worries and fears of the unknown, however, do not in any way diminish or deter our sovereign, omniscient Lord. Instead, He desires that each of us step forward in faith. He has promised that when we do so, He will provide us with the guidance we long for (Isa. 30:21).

If you’re currently being called to move forward by faith but are having trouble doing so, call upon the Lord of Abraham, Moses, and David. He strengthened each of them, and He’ll surely strengthen you.