Confident about Conversion


Dr. Charles Stanley

ExostlanleyRead | Colossians 2:5-14

If you are to stand firm against Satan’s schemes, it is necessary to clear up any confusion you might have regarding your coming to faith in the Savior. Therefore, let’s consider three crucial steps that characterize the conversion process:

1. You must know something. You can never fully appreciate the significance of your conversion until you grasp what your condition was, apart from the Savior. Ephesians 2:1 makes it perfectly clear that, left to ourselves, we were all spiritually dead. If the Father had not provided our salvation through His Son, there would be no eternal life for any of us.

2. You must believe something. The good news is that the Lord did not leave us to our own devices. He provided a means of salvation that is open to all people. Ephesians 2:4-9 explains that our loving heavenly Father, of His own initiative, provided the means by which we can be free of our sin debt and dwell with Him forever.

3. You must receive something. In order to own any gift, you must first open your hands and receive it. The Father is reaching out to mankind, offering His free gift of salvation. Once you have received what He offers, it’s yours to keep—forever (Rom. 10:9-13).

Are you a believer who is empowered by God’s Spirit and specifically gifted to do a certain work? . . . who goes about the task which the Lord has assigned? . . . and who is completely confident about salvation? Then you are a force to be reckoned with! If you have known, believed, and received God’s gift of salvation, take your stand today.