When We Cry Out to God


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Psalm 57:1-3

Crying out to God is the spontaneous response to an urgent need. It differs from typical prayer, which involves
periods of worship, petitioning, and intercession; this distraught call focuses entirely on one difficulty. The problem can be heartbreaking news, a dangerous situation, physical pain, or spiritual confusion. Whatever the cause, we seek immediate relief from God.

Like Peter sinking into the sea, we’re saying, “Lord, save me!” (Matt. 14:30). We call out desperately when bad news comes, because we acknowledge that only God has power to change circumstances. And when we are walking obediently with Him, He will respond: if He does not alter the situation, He will replace fear with courage and confidence.

A cry to the heavenly Father is rooted in faith that He will answer His children. Believers expect God to respond with clear direction, and without fail; He is trustworthy to answer. Exodus 17 details how the Lord demonstrated His faithfulness at Horeb. When the wandering Israelites again grumbled against their leader—this time because of thirst—Moses called out to God, “What shall I do to this people?” (v. 4). Instantly, the Lord replied with a solution that satisfied both the Israelites’ thirst and Moses’ despair.

Whether we are sinking in a sea of pain or anxiously seeking a taste of God’s living water, the Lord hears our cries. And He says again, “He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him” (Ps. 91:15).