The Desires of Your Heart

Read | Psalm 37:1-8

You may have read God’s promise to give you “the desires of your heart,” but too quick a glance at verse 4 of today’s reading will lead only to frustration and disappointment. To understand the scope of the Lord’s awesome promise, it’s important to explore the conditions He set in this passage.

First, Psalm 37:1 instructs us not to fret about “evildoers” or envy them. That is, we’re not to be consumed with the success of unrighteous people. God will deal with them; our responsibility is to watch our own actions.

Next, verse 3 instructs us to “trust in the Lord,” “do good,” and “cultivate faithfulness.” God is interested in our maturity. He wants us to be responsible with the big things in life, which relate to our deepest desires.

In verse 4, we are clearly told to “delight . . . in the Lord.” This is another way of saying we are to seek His desires. If we truly pursue God’s good pleasure, our own desires will fall right into place.

Then, verse 5 commands that we “commit [our] way to the Lord” and trust Him. When we focus our steps on His path, we know we’re heading in the right direction. God will not bless our sinful missteps; our duty is to keep to His purposeful plan.

Finally, verse 7 calls us to “rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” God’s timing is perfect. If we see no immediate response to a faithful prayer, we must trust Him for His flawless timing.

When it comes to your desires, are you frustrated by God’s seeming lack of response? Pray throughPsalm 37:1-8 and ask Him to bring your will in line with His.