Essentials of Effective Meditation


Read | Psalm 37:7

In our modern world, we often hear this familiar call to action: “Don’t just stand there—do something!” However, there’s an inherent danger in trying to force this way of thinking into our spiritual life.

Too often, whether we voice the belief or not, we act as though God needs our help. We wrestle with Him for some degree of control over the events in our life. In effect, we proudly make a stand and proclaim, “Okay, Lord. I think this is what You want to happen, so I’m going to work and work and work and make it come about.”

Somewhere in the back of our mind, we hear the oft-quoted counsel, “God helps those who help themselves.” In fact, the vast majority of Christians believe that this word of advice is found in the Bible. It is not.

Actually, this statement is entirely contrary to the Word of God, which instead tells us, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10 NIV). The Father knows we cannot help ourselves. That is the very reason He sent His Son to die—because we were utterly helpless to improve our sinful condition (Rom. 5:8).

While we seek to do God’s will, we must not forget His fundamental call to stillness before Him. When we are quiet in His presence and focused on Him, we put ourselves in the most teachable position possible.

Are you too busy trying to keep up with God? Lay down your efforts and simply become quiet. What you discover in the stillness may revolutionize your call to Christian service.