How to Reach Your Goals


Read | 1 Samuel 17:24-47

ExostlanleyIn order to become the people God wants us to be and achieve the work He has planned for us to do, we need to ask ourselves several questions.

l. Do I have a clear picture of who God wants me to become? Try writing down where you believe the transforming work of God is bringing you. It is important to be able to visualize what we will be like and the improvements that will come about once we have accomplished our goals.

2. Do I have a consuming desire to meet the goals God has given me? Passion is essential in motivating us to make the harder changes the Lord requires—and to achieve all the tasks He has given us. Our degree of commitment will be revealed by our motivation and sense of urgency about meeting our goals.

3. Is my confidence resting in my relationship with Jesus and His promises to me? (See Philippians 4:13.) It is valuable to develop a habit of remembering past times when the Lord helped us. Without confidence in Him, we may become discouraged when we meet obstacles.

4. Do I know my course of action? The key word here is action. To move forward requires having a strategy that points us in the direction God wants us to go.

5. Have I established a calendar of events and deadlines for meeting the goals?Responding to God’s direction in a timely fashion is essential in order to make progress.

Many people cannot answer most of these questions positively. If that’s the case for you, do not let yourself be discouraged. Instead, recognize the opportunity before you: the Lord already knew what you would answer—and He is waiting to help.