Ignoring the Conscience


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | 1 Timothy 1:18-19; 4:1-2

ExostlanleyAre you making certain choices today that your conscience would not have allowed in the past? If so, you may have become desensitized over time.

As we discussed yesterday, God uses our internal “moral compass” along with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to direct our daily choices. The conscience serves as a protective “alarm system,” sounding an alert when a Christian is about to take part in ungodly behavior. But sin can throw off the system’s sensitivity.

The insidious process begins if we choose to disobey and then refuse to deal with our rebellion. The conscience warns us repeatedly, but it will eventually become “gummed up” and ineffective if we persist in ignoring the distress signal. When that happens, there are no longer any signals from the heart to point us back toward godliness. In other words, the conscience has become seared.

One way of looking at it is to imagine removing all of the traffic signals from a busy intersection: it is a recipe for disaster. Missing “red lights” in our life can deceive us into thinking “go” when we should be putting on the brakes.

Take an honest look to determine whether your internal signals are in good working order. If they are malfunctioning, repent before the Lord, and pursue accountability and fellowship with other believers. A healthy conscience is worth the effort.

Don’t delay. Scripture warns that we have a real Enemy who desires to lure us away from godliness and into destruction. God uses a clear conscience to guide, protect, and lead us into His light and peace.