Jesus, the Healer


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Matthew 14:14

When I was 11 years old, I found my mother on her bed, struggling to breathe. My first reaction was to fall on my knees and pray for her healing. By the next day, she was better, and she never again experienced that same symptom.

CPR trainers teach that the first step in an emergency is to call for help. That’s good medical advice. But we should also develop a reflex of crying “Help!” to God.

The Great Physician is able to heal. He created us and knows every mechanism in our bodies, down to the most minute detail. Sometimes He chooses to take away the problem immediately when we ask, and other times, in His love and omniscience, He allows the ailment to remain. Seeking a doctor’s help is often His plan for us—but He also wants us to come before Him with our need, acknowledging His ultimate power and ability.

Scripture is full of stories about the Lord healing physical, emotional, and spiritual sicknesses. For example, Old Testament accounts tell of divine healing for barrenness (Gen. 17:18-19; 21:2) and leprosy (Ex. 4:6-7). And then in the New Testament, all it took was a touch from Jesus and wholeness was restored for people with all kinds of infirmities. Jesus also gave His disciples authority to heal in His name (Matt. 10:1).

As you read Scripture, notice how often God healed people—and how He valued their faith. When in need, ask for His help. He may grant your request immediately, or His plan might be to bring greater good down the road. Either way, walking closely with Him is always the healthiest and wisest choice.