Living by Grace


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Romans 5:1-11

Grace is God’s goodness and kindness to those who do not deserve it and cannot earn it. Its benefits are available to everyone.

Each day God causes hearts to beat, bodies to heal, and love to be given and received, regardless of peoples’ opinions of Him. He offers forgiveness to the rebellious, freedom to sinners, and personal fellowship with Himself. All who trust Christ as Savior have access to the throne of grace, where the Savior serves as high priest, interceding for His own (Heb. 4:16; 7:25). We know we can approach God confidently because there is no condemnation for those who belong to Him (Rom. 8:1). What amazing grace!

It wasn’t always so. Israel—God’s chosen people—lived under the Law, not grace. Because they, like us, were a disobedient people, God in His mercy established the sacrificial system to temporarily provide a symbolic way for them to be forgiven of wrongdoing.

Jesus, however, gives us permanent forgiveness because His death was a one-time payment-in-full for all sins ever committed—even future ones (7:27). No mere human could obey every aspect of all 613 divine commandments handed down through Moses. But Christ fulfilled the Law for us, and grace makes it count on our behalf. Our Savior sacrificed His life for us, and as a result, we can approach God’s throne directly.

God’s grace is over us like a canopy and around us like a protective wall. Let the truth of it permeate your heart and mind, so you can become an expression of His love, kindness, and goodness to others.