Meditation Brings Blessings


Read | Nehemiah 1:4-7

Our time spent with the Lord has a dramatic impact on our daily life. When we set aside periods to meditate upon His Word and listen to what He’s telling us, we’ll start to notice both subtle and dramatic changes taking place.

First, we’ll begin to gain a godly perspective. Certainly the apostle Paul was mindful of this; he actively prayed for himself and others to have the Lord’s outlook (Eph. 1:16-19). When we start to see with enlightened eyes, the world—along with its joy and pain—becomes much clearer, as does our understanding of how to deal with circumstances.

Second, spending time with God causes the pressures of life to dissipate. Jesus warned His disciples that they would face trouble in this world (just as all of us will), but He assured them that they had no real reason to be afraid. Why fear a foe that Christ has already conquered (John 16:33)?

Third, meditation brings peace. In this troubled world, we frequently find ourselves in need of a tranquil heart, which can be attained only through Jesus (John 14:27). Paul tells us that the world is not even capable of understanding God’s peace (Phil. 4:7), let alone able to offer us any kind of authentic serenity.

While a desire for personal reward should not be our only reason for spending time with the Lord, there are indeed wonderful blessings in store for those who meditate on His Word. Tomorrow we will consider more of the rewards that await believers who dwell on the Scriptures.