Our Convictions: Our Defense


Dr. Charles Stanley

ExostlanleyRead | Genesis 39:1,4,6-9

The only way that you’re going to build a defense against untruth is to saturate your mind with truth. You must, therefore, spend time in the Bible, undergirding your belief system with God’s reality so you can easily spot error.

This is similar to the way a chef creates his own version of a well-known recipe. While adjusting ingredients, he conducts repeated taste tests; only by checking his creation against the original cuisine can he determine the accuracy of his recipe. Otherwise, it would be as futile as trying to produce Coquilles St. Jacques by comparing the flavors to a fast-food sandwich!

God’s Word is our standard. Look over your belief system. What do you believe about marriage? Is it for life? Or do you believe it’s okay to bail whenever it becomes inconvenient or cramps your style? And what about children? Friends? Finances? Morality? Church? What about those “hot button” social issues we hear so much about?

If you are unsure where to stand on any of these issues, then it is imperative that you sit down with a Bible and begin researching until you hear God’s answers. Find Scripture concerning each area, and ask the Holy Spirit, “What does this passage really mean?”

Do not simply ask, “How can I interpret this passage in a way to suit myself?” The world operates by that philosophy, which is known as moral relativism. Instead, ask the Lord to mold your convictions through His Word. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit will equip and embolden you to stand for what you believe.