Our Need for Spiritual Discernment


Read | Philippians 1:8-11

ExostlanleyHave you ever asked yourself, How do I know this is the right decision? Often there’s no scripture that addresses in detail the particular choice we need to make—for example, what kind of car to buy, the best investment to make, which job to accept, or whether to work or spend time with the family when overtime hours are offered. Rather than specifying exhaustive rules that speak to every possible situation in life, God’s Word contains principles and instructions to guide our decision making.

That is not to say God hands us His Book and then leaves us alone. To ensure that our feet remain on the right path, He grants us spiritual discernment—the capacity to judge between right and wrong, wise and unwise, good and best.

In cultivating such discernment, we’re inviting God to be intimately involved in all our decisions; there is no matter too insignificant for His consideration and assistance. A plan that is outside the Lord’s will—or even good decisions formulated without consulting Him—can short-circuit His plan to give us His best.

Spiritual discernment protects us from making decisions based on what looks good or feels right. We are limited to five senses and our experience, but God views our lives from a vantage point of infinite knowledge. Our instructor, the Holy Spirit, teaches us the wisdom of God’s way and knows precisely how to apply it to our unique circumstances. As we develop a habit of following His promptings, our senses become trained to distinguish good from evil, and we mature spiritually (Heb. 5:14).