The Privilege of Knowing God


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Philippians 3:7-11

God wants people to know Him. If He had preferred anonymity, He wouldn’t have inspired the writing of a multi-author book about Himself. But since He did, our becoming devoted followers and friends of the Creator requires us to delve deeply into Scripture.

First, we learn about God from His Word. In reading the Bible, we accumulate facts about His character, principles, and ways of operating. Unfortunately, churches are full of men and women who stop at this step. They know much about religion but haven’t developed their faith.

The second step is to meditate on Scripture by thinking about God’s words and allowing the Holy Spirit to interpret them. The only way to rightly understand this divinely inspired text is with the Spirit’s guidance.

Finally, we must apply what we learn. Suppose you read that God is a very present help in times of trouble (Ps. 46:1). Then, when trouble shows up, you will rely on Him for aid. When He answers—and He will answer, although not always as expected—you will learn something about God: He helps you by responding to your trust and dependence with a custom-made solution to your problem.

I frequently admonish believers to read the Bible, but by that, I do not mean for anyone to skim its pages and walk away with only facts. Scripture is a living document that will tell you how to practice faith in daily life, but you must do what it says. Only then can you see God as He truly is—not some ancient deity full of rules, but a vibrant Friend who wants to connect with His children daily.