Running the Race of Life


Read | Hebrews 12:1-3

The Christian life is often described as a race-—one designed by God. In it, we are called to fulfill His purposes for us. That is, we are to be conformed to Christ’s likeness and bring God glory.

To run the race, we need to know the route. The Bible serves as our map, compass, and guidebook. It is an infallible manual for godly living, which is needed in our culture of contradictory voices, all claiming to be the truth.

To complete the race, we need inspiration and correction. Scripture provides both through the true accounts of biblical personalities. Some of us are like King Saul, who answered God’s call and began the race in strong fashion (1 Sam. 10:9-11); correction is likely if we lose our focus on God’s agenda and become immersed in worldly ways. Others of us are like the apostle Paul, who lived an ungodly life for years before salvation. His life inspires us to persevere and to embrace the Lord’s plan with growing passion.

During a race, we will encounter obstacles against which we must persevere. Some of these hindrances might include: criticism from believers and/or unbelievers; opposition to our stand for Jesus; and periods of loneliness and uncertainty when the way isn’t clear. The Holy Spirit strengthens us as we study God’s unchanging character and timeless promises.

Are you running the race well? How are you responding to pressures along the way? Remember that Christ, who is our very life, always runs with us. And be encouraged through the Scriptures.