Seeking the Lord


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Colossians 3:1-2

Most people have the idea that Christianity is defined by praying, giving, sharing their faith, and being good. But genuine faith is also a daily yearning for more knowledge of and intimacy with the Lord. A believer’s spirit can be wholly satisfied with the presence of Jesus Christ living within, and yet still remain thirsty for deeper communion with Him. One of Christianity’s basic principles is that the more we know of the Lord, the more we want to learn of Him. If we’re to seek God rather than worldly riches, then our desire for Him must be stronger than any other longing we have.

Yesterday, we learned that we gain life’s “good things”—what God wills for us— by seeking Him. A mind set on finding material success will miss the spiritually fulfilling path. However, pursuing the Lord doesn’t imply abandoning plans and dreams; it simply means we prayerfully subject our hopes to His will. As we strive to know God, our desires change to reflect His. Our Father in turn takes responsibility for His children and puts our goals within reach. He gives us all the good things our God-shaped heart wants.

How does a Christian go about seeking the God who will supply his or her needs? By studying His Word and asking for His revelation. Every believer who genuinely wants to be trained in the Father’s ways can expect His instruction. When we receive new knowledge of Him, our desire for God will be kindled like dry twigs touched by a flame. And the more we seek to learn about Him, the more we will want to know.