Shutting Our Ears to the Lord


Dr. C harles Stanley

Read | James 1:22-25

When we fail to listen to God, we pay attention to wrong voices, fall prey to deception, and refuse to submit to the Lord. All three negative results are evident in Adam and Eve’s decision to eat from the forbidden tree. What other consequences result from shutting our ears to God?

First, we will make decisions based on their appeal. To entice Adam and Eve to disobey, the Devil twisted God’s words and misused legitimate desires the Lord had given to the couple. We have the Holy Spirit to teach us how to keep our appetites and desires in check.

Second, we will excuse our wrongdoings and blame others. Adam pointed a finger at Eve, and she blamed the serpent. Satan can tempt us, but the responsibility is ours if we consent.

Third, we will experience divine discipline. Not only that, but others will also suffer when we disobey. The first man and woman were cast from God’s presence, and their lives became much harder. Sin entered their family and led to strife and death—their son Abel was murdered by his brother Cain. Adam and Eve’s choice affected all future generations as well. Through them, sin entered the world and resides in us (Rom. 5:12).

Fourth, we will miss out on God’s best. The first humans lost both Eden’s splendor and perfect communion with the Lord. Unconfessed sin will separate us, too, from fellowship with the Father.

Closing ears to God’s voice can happen in a moment’s time. Safeguard yourself. Commit to genuine listening: hearing, remembering, and doing what God says.