The Struggle with Temptation


Read | James 1:12-15

If there’s one thing every adult and child has experienced, it’s temptation. We’ve all seen something new, attractive, or unusual, or simply an item someone else has that we don’t—and we just want it.

What is “it”? The object of temptation could fall into a number of categories. Perhaps it’s a tangible item, like a new house or car. Or it might be something of a physical or emotional nature, such as the excitement of a new relationship, consumption of an unhealthy substance, or recognition for a job well done.

Regardless of the category, temptation wants it—now! And if we do consider pros and cons, the conversation in our head may sound like this: Is it good for me? That doesn’t matter. Will it benefit me or my family? That’s not the issue. Could this hurt someone I love? Who cares? You see, temptation knows no loyalty. It’s a raging beast that, if left uncontrolled, can bring utter destruction into your life.

Simply put, temptation entices us to follow our God-given desires beyond the limits He has set. For example, human sexuality is a precious gift from the Lord, but too often it is taken far beyond the boundaries our Creator originally established. Does this mean sexual desire is inherently wrong? Not at all. When left unchecked, however, it can be the starting point for all manner of trouble.

Are you allowing a single desire to control your life? Are you continually going beyond the limits of what you know the Lord approves? Break the hold of temptation. Thank God for the desires He has placed on your heart, and ask Him to govern where those yearnings lead you.