The Discipline of Love


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | Hebrews 12:5-11

ExostlanleyLoving mother and fathers will discipline their children, yet even when
motives and methods are appropriate, no one enjoys undergoing correction. With a long-term perspective, however, we remember that the benefits of discipline far outweigh its momentary discomforts.

A parent’s ultimate goal for corrective measures should be to train children in righteousness. Specifically, there’s a key principle I believe each child should learn before setting off on his own: Whether at home or away from home, every person is accountable to God for his own life, actions, and attitudes. With this in mind, you can see that applying discipline properly takes perseverance, effort, and wisdom on the part of the parent. But it’s an act of selfless, purposeful love.

God, too, disciplines His children. And the fact that we experience His correction proves His love for us. Though this redirection seems unpleasant at the time, it spares us much difficulty later on and leads us toward joy and a fulfilling life.

Our response will determine whether we learn the necessary lesson: we can react with anger about the difficulty, we can repent of our unholy ways and ask to learn whatever God wants to teach us. In seeking Him through His Word, prayer, and counsel, we should then obey.

Human wisdom may seem right at the time, but it leads to destruction. Thankfully, we’re dearly cared for by our heavenly Father, who redeemed us with Jesus’ blood so He could call us His children. When we’re headed in the wrong direction, He lovingly redirects us so we can know the fullness of living His way.