What Is Obedience?


Read | Acts 5:29-32

ExostlanleyThe word obedience is defined as: compliance to the plan; conformity to the pattern; observance of the rules; adherence to the standard; and submission to another’s will. Obedience is the “bottom line” in the Christian life. Basic to every decision we make is the necessity of knowing what Scripture says about the issue, what action God wants us to take, what attitude would please Him, and what steps are required.

To obey means doing what God says in the timing and manner He says to do it. We must, then, know what His instructions are; we can’t comply with something we don’t understand. The Holy Spirit assists us in relating God’s commands to our situation and helps us in determining the wisest course of action.

Once we decide to obey and start down that road, however, we can expect a challenge from the Enemy. He might use distractions to divert us from a godly path. Or perhaps he’ll send temptations to weaken us gradually through small steps of disobedience. Though he wants us to compromise, we can counter by renewing our resolve to obey the Father as Jesus did. Commitment like Christ’s requires knowledge of Scripture (Matt. 4:1-10), obedient action, determination, and a willingness to suffer any consequences that derive from compliance.

Whenever you are tempted to disobey the Lord, your faithfulness and devotion to Christ are at stake. Ask yourself, Is my understanding of Scripture increasing? Am I able to hold to God’s plan without compromise? How committed am I to obeying Him?