Sanctification is not what you do; it is the result of the work of the Holy Spirit in You.
Sometime we ask what we can do to be holy.

We do not understand that the answer of this question is to let the Holy Spirit through the Grace of God works in you.
As Paul did when he struggle with the thorn in him. He wanted to avoid it, to runaway of it, he cries to God to do something. God’s answer was simple as let my grace works in you, my grace is sufficient.

Yes indeed, the world of today is full of unbearable things for our generation.
Many times I see people coming at me saying or asking me these questions:

  • What can I do to avoid such things…
  • What can I do to leave pornography, what can I do to stop masturbation, etc.
  • What can I do to stop lying to other?, etc.
  • I’m struggling with this, with that.

This list can be so long, it’s impossible to write them all.

The grace of God works in us to change us. The first and most important tool the Grace will use is the Word of God.
When people ask me these questions, first thing I ask them before to go on my help, “Did you read or meditate the Word of God daily?”
Why this simple question: without the Word of God you cannot renew your mind. If you cannot renew your mind it will be impossible to you to change your behavior, if you do not renew your mind, you will continue to live a sinful life, that’s it.

We know that this Grace of God it is Jesus in Us. How can we let Jesus works in us if you do not let His Word enter in our heart?
This is why I wrote, sanctification is not what you do, but the result of the work of God in you. Allow God to do this in and for you, it’s for your interest. If you do it by yourself, you will FAIL.

If we let God works in us, we will let Him separate us from evil. We cannot do that because we do not have this strength. But He can do it, He separates us from the world, therefor He sanctifies us. This is why we say sanctification is to be apart for God.
Many son of God are today deceive by some grace teaching. We hear clearly that some teaching are similar to a passport allowing them to continue their way of life, this is not the case. As son of the Most High, we cannot easily fail sinning like any men in this world. Something in us prevents us to walk in that way. This thing is a seal for us, the Holy Spirit.
Jesus knows that he couldn’t help his disciple being with them. That’s why He sends them the Holy Spirit, that’s why the Holy Spirit is so important for us.

Brother and Sister let the Holy Spirit only Him works in You. Allow Him to do this transformation by reading and meditate the Word of God.
This teaching could be so deep, but it will be irrelevant of you cannot almost let God do what He do best in us. If you didn’t, whatever the teaching on sanctification we can hear will be useless.

Remember then, sanctification is not what you do; it is the result of the work of the Holy Spirit in You.

Be bless for eternity

2 Corinthians 5
Romans 12
1 John 3