Psalms 46:2-11

During this life, hard times are inevitable. Some watch a loved one suffer and die; others are wrongly accused or mistreated. People endure crippling ailments. The range of human pain is broad, but there is only one place of true comfort.

Today’s passage speaks of great calamities, some from natural causes and some caused by men (Ps. 46:2, 6). Such trials often bewilder us, but verse 10 tells us where to turn: God’s followers should be still and remember He’s the sovereign Lord of the universe. In our world of smart phones and deadlines, it’s sometimes hard to stop even for a moment. But the key to dealing with difficulty lies in trusting the One who is in control of all things.

Instead of trying to manage the situation or pointing a finger in blame, we should actively wait, watching for God to move and trusting He will act on our behalf (Isa. 64:4). This involves taking time to be alone with our Father—crying out to Him, meditating on His truth, and listening to Him.

Human instinct urges us to take control ourselves; in contrast, the Lord requires that we patiently and expectantly wait upon Him. He also tells us to surrender what we think is right and instead submit to His plan. Unless our focus remains steady on Jesus, circumstances can overwhelm us.

What’s your response when trouble arises? You can choose to accept difficulty as a blessing by letting it deepen your relationship with Christ. Whether your current circumstances are good or painful, take time to be still before the Lord.

Bible in One Year: Exodus 4-6

Dr. Charles Stanley