Conquering Faith


Dr. Charles Stanley

Read | 1 Samuel 17:1-37

David, the shepherd boy, faced Goliath, the Philistine giant. By trusting in God’s power to deliver, David was victorious over his seemingly invincible opponent. We, too, will face trials that are bigger than we are. The Lord wants to build conquering faith in us so that we, like David, can overcome. What are the components of such faith?

• Godly motivation. David’s desire was to defend his people and God’s name. We must examine our rationale to be certain it is Christ-centered, not self-focused.

• Recognition of the battle’s nature. In the lives of born-again believers, every single incident is a spiritual matter. David’s struggle in the physical realm was against Goliath, but the real battle was spiritual (Eph. 6:12).

• Memory of previous victories. David’s confidence was not based on what was happening right then. Instead, he recalled what the Lord had done before: helping him fight off lions and bears. Imagine a film that highlights all the moments when God provided you with strength and stamina. Replay it until you are ready for the fight.

• Rejection of ungodly counsel. David was certain of God’s purpose for him, so he refused to listen to his brother’s accusations of impure motives. He also rejected King Saul’s assessment of his youthfulness. Instead, the young shepherd boy inclined his ear to hear from the Lord and any counselors He might send.

What “Goliath” is standing before you? Remember that in Christ, we can be overcomers (1 John 5:4).