Overcoming Distractions


Read | Nehemiah 4:1-20

On a daily basis, we are faced with distractions. Things like gossip, criticism, financial pressure, poor health, conflict, personal desires, and effusive praise from others bombard us. Any of these can influence us to turn away from God’s perfect plan. But today’s passage shows us the value of . . .

Single-mindedness. Nehemiah feared the Lord and conscientiously applied himself to His work. His mind was not divided. If we set our attention solely on God’s plan, our minds will stay fixed on the task, regardless of the difficulties.

God’s favor. The Lord’s blessing is always upon us when we’re obedient to Him. This knowledge gave Nehemiah confidence, and it should do the same for us, even in hard times.

Accountability. Nehemiah had to give a progress report to the king about what had been accomplished. One day we’ll stand before Jesus and account for how we used resources and gifts (1 Cor. 3:12-15).

Consistency in our prayer life. When the Israelites were ridiculed, they were helpless to stop their opponents’ speech. So Nehemiah prayed, and the people received strength to continue. As the plotting worsened, Nehemiah and his fellow workers cried out to God, who not only frustrated their enemies’ plans but also provided His people with discernment about how to avoid traps.

Nehemiah completed the ambitious project in just 52 days (Neh. 6:15). When we follow his example, God can achieve great things in and through us. Which of the above points from Nehemiah’s life can help you overcome your distractions?